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Pollen Counts

Pollen is here and now’s the time to start thinking about allergies. Depending on the winter rain and temperature, trees in Northern California start pollenating in January and February. Grass will follow in March and go through June. Starting now … Continue reading

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Feed the Baby

Everybody loves to feed a baby, and based on recent recommendations from pediatric allergists and gastroenterologists, babies can start enjoying this rite of passage at four months. The previous recommendation had been to exclusively breast or bottle feed baby for … Continue reading

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Chicken Soup

The worst of the winter season seems to be upon us. Lots of coughs, colds and pneumonia, and we still don’t seem to be able to get away from all the viral stomach infections either. Much of what works best doesn’t … Continue reading

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Vegetable Resolution

  “If you start your baby with vegetables first, your child will always love them.” Part true, part myth. Babies eat vegetables because they’re growing so fast they’ll try practically anything. Children who eat vegetables are more likely to have … Continue reading

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