Vegetarian Diets for Children

artichokesThere are lots of healthy reasons to go vegetarian diet.

To support the needs of growing children, parents need to make sure the foods consume enough of theses:



vitamin D


Vitamin B12

A good resource is vegetarian-diets-in-children-and-adolescents-childrens-hospital-oakland.

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Itigi: Day 14

Friday October 2, 2015

Part of our team leaves after breakfast for the airport, and the rest of us wait on the shore of the Indian Ocean until it’s our turn. The flight from Dar el Salaam is 9 1/2 hours to Amsterdam followed by an 11 hour flight back to San Francisco. We land, collect our boxes, clear customs–they know ReSurge and our small flotilla of Pelican hardcases–and load the boxes into the truck that will take them back to the warehouse in Sunnyvale to be repacked for the group’s next trip to India. More information about ReSurge is available ReSurge.



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Itigi: Day 13

Thursday October 1, 2015

The hotel in Morogoro has prepared hard boiled eggs, bananas and bread for a pre-dawn breakfast. There is Chai Bora tea and Africafe instant coffee and the ubiquitous thermoses of hot water and milk.


Mikumi National Park is 2 1/2 hours away, and we have enough time for a few hours there before finishing the drive back to Dar es Salaam. The morning is cool and overcast and we are rewarded with giraffe, zebra, elephant, bushbuck, hippos, warthog, impala, baboon, and two male lions not ready for their closeup.


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Itigi: Day 12

Wednesday September 30, 2015


What amazes me about these trips is how a group of medical professions from all over the world can come together and work together across languages, cultures, time and place. And what is most special about ReSurge is its dedication to providing care and partnering with local medical professionals to train the next generation of physicians to provide local care. Some ReSurge sites are now self-sustaining. Others, like Itigi, are new and full of possibility.

We spend the morning rounding and developing care plans with the local surgeons for our mutual patients. Distances are long in Tanzania and the roads two-lane only. Our drive to Morogoro takes 10 hours.

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Itigi: Day 11

Tuesday September 29, 2015

One last dawn trying to catch up with news from home at what’s served as our internet cafe before breakfast and rounds followed by procedures, dressing changes, and teaching.


IMG_0598 2IMG_0591

We have worked our way through most of our supplies, and packing up goes quickly.

There is dinner with our hosts and a desire for further collaboration from all. Nelson has cooked another amazing meal and roasted a goat for the festivities.


Noticeably absent tonight it Liberty, the chicken presented to Dr. Megee by the family of a grateful boy.


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Itigi: Day 10


Monday September 28, 2015

We are up early and back in the operating room for new procedures and dressing changes for patients who have had skin grafts. I examine patients before surgery to make sure every one is still healthy–no coughs, runny noses or tummy troubles–before the nurses prepare patients for the surgeons and then recover them after their procedures. Sue, the hand therapist stays busy making splints and teaching.

IMG_0552IMG_0332 2IMG_0354IMG_0544

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Itigi: Day 9


Sunday September 27, 2015

Chickens don’t sleep in on the weekend. A early walk around the compound nets me nearly a dozen species of birds including the red headed weaver and the yellow rumped tinkerbird. The large, raucous black and white birds are pied crows.

The corners of the sprawling compound boast gardens with eggplant, tomatoes, lettuce, greens, and papayas. Bee hives hang from trees a stone’s throw from termite mounds taller than me. The cows are driven to graze the grassy areas while mongooses cavort.


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Itigi: Day 8


Saturday September 26, 2015

After the courtyard consult the night before, we round in the morning before setting out to for the 2 ½ hour ride to the capital city of Dodoma. The streets are lined with dukas doing a brisk business. After lunch we tour the University of Dodoma campus with one of our physician-hosts.

The cook from the hospital complex sends us to town with a shopping list: carrots, pineapple, peppers, watermelon, and fish. For ourselves, we buy fabric, coffee, spices, and cook spoons. On the bus ride back to Itigi, we stop and buy baskets being sold by the side of the road.



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Itigi: Day 7

Friday September 25, 2015

The surgeons release the burned and contracted fingers of a 5 year old. K wires are placed through the fingers of the repaired hand to hold the fingers away from the palm while the skin grafts heat. The surgeon’s air-driven drill wasn’t cooperating, but the manual hand crank drill did the job.

The day continued with more hands, wrists, and elbows. Each surgery taking 90 to 180 minutes.

IMG_0349 IMG_0548

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Itigi: Day 6

Thursday September 24, 2015

Burns are common where families use wood fire to cook or heat their dwelling. Fires and cooking pots on the ground are right at child-level. Children wear cotton cloth wrapped around the body which can also catch fire.

One little boy put his arm in a pot of water being heated for baths. That was 2 years ago. Now he’s 5 and will soon be in school, and he cannot fully extend his one arm because of burn scar at the elbow.

Separate from the hospital is the cook house building. Families cook in a forty-foot long open hearth. Children enjoy beans, rice and vegetables. Families may keep chickens, goats and cows.




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