COVID19 101: Care Instructions after Testing

First Aid NeonResources for patients who have been tested for COVID19 follow.

This information is evolving rapidly and is provided effective 3/15/2020. Visit the CDC website for updates.

Once the patient has been evaluated for other other known infections, the COVID 19 specimens are sent to the lab. As of March 14, 2020, we have been told the turn around time for results is 4-5 days but it may be longer.

Once your child’s test has been obtained, you must quarantine your child at home until the results are back.

Home Quarantine Information from Contra Costa Department of Public Health

Home Quarantine Information from the CDC

Steps to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus if You are Sick from the CDC

Positive test results for COVID-19: What next? from Contra Costa Department of Public Health

Coronavirus and You from the CDC

What to Do if you are Sick with Coronavirus from the CDC

When and How to Use Masks from the World Health Organization

Why Don’t Cough Medicines Work from Dr. Asta

Cough Medicines and Kids from Dr. Asta

General information about symptom duration for colds, influenza and other respiratory tract infections other than COVID19 are here.


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Don’t bring home an itchy souvenir!

Poison OakPlanning a hike or just enjoying open space near by?

Poison oak is out there, and it’s harder to recognize before it’s fully leafed out.

Read what to do before and after in a vintage blog post here and here.

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Well Care Continues in the time of COVID19

tallerThe American Academy of Pediatrics announced recommendations for offices regarding the care of infants and children during the pandemic.

We must not lose sight of the face that other disease like meningitis, whooping cough, measles, influenza and many others cause significant disease and death in young children.

When COVID19 subsides, we do not want to see a measles epidemic because immunization rates dropped for a large group of children.

The AAP recommends that offices continue to provide well care for infants and children.

We have dedicated specific rooms for well care.

We have a dedicated well entrance and follow best practices with hospital grade disinfectants.

Sick children are being seen in our Satellite Clinic at our same location.

If you have any questions, please contact the office so that we may answer your questions and address your concerns.

Read the recommendations from the AAP here.

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Silver Lining? Potty Time!

boy-and-girl-on-toilet-clip-artStuck at home with the 18 month old and up set? Here’s a post about potty training. If you have a deck or backyard, set up gates to keep your little trainer limited to kitchen and the outdoors.

If toilet paper is a worry, use your old baby wash cloths to wipe and wash them.

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Satellite Clinic: Directions

We are seeing patients with fever, cough, and colds in our satellite clinic. Many clinics are evaluating patients in their cars outside where fresh air provides excellent ventilation for the concerns surrounding COVID19. The marked parking spots are on the side of the building nearest Ygnacio Valley Road.

Here’s how to get there:

Turn onto Lennon Lane from Ygnacio Valley Road.

Turn left at the blue US Postal service mailboxes into 301 Lennon Lane.

CONTINUE STRAIGHT along the side of the building.

The cones/parking signs will be on your left.

Park in one of the reserved spots.

If none are open, park elsewhere and wait for one to open up.

Call the office at (925)939-7334 to let us know you have arrived.

We will meet you at your car.


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Community Love in the Time of COVID19

Mom Tattoo

Dear Families,
School closings, containment zones and quarantines are ramping up Coronavirus anxiety for all of us, from the youngest, who respond to our stress, to the elderly, who are most affected, to those of us in the middle, who feel responsible for the whole family.

Dr. Asta and the staff at Casa Verde Pediatrics, Inc. are here for you, not only for medical care but as a source of reliable and accurate information. We suggest you look at COVID-19 information from two perspectives.
1. Personal Safety: the vast majority of people infected by COVID-19 will have mild illness, especially children.
2. Community responsibility: the CDC and the Health Department are trying to limit spread, or at least slow it down. Self-quarantine, containment areas, and social distancing are being implemented for these purposes.

The best way to stay healthy is by practicing good hand washing, remembering not to touch your face, and staying away from large gatherings when possible. Take advantage of the nicer weather and socialize outdoors. If you or any one in your family is sick, stay home.  When needed, cover your cough and sneezing.

Our office will help you through this crisis, as we have so many times in the past.  We were on the front line of H1N1 infection – we made it through that, and together, we will make it through this.

If your child is sick please call us. We are screening patients carefully and doing what is needed to keep our families safe. We are offering telemedicine visits.  Call the office with specific questions. For more info go to our website and our blog and Facebook page.

Keep your scheduled well care appointments. Babies and children still need to get physicals and the vaccines that protect them from illnesses much more serious than coronavirus.  Our office has implemented procedures to keep you safe. We are following appropriate CDC recommendations. We are cleaning intensely and often.
What else can you do? Shut off the TV and give yourself and your children a break. When possible, keep their schedules normal. Look for anxiety symptoms – such as moodiness, trouble sleeping and separation anxiety.  Talk to your children about their fears. Reassure them.
Check on your elderly neighbors, family and friends.  These people are most at risk for complications of Coronavirus.  Ask if you can get them food, medicine or anything else they need. We are a community, we need to take care of each other.

As always #cvpediatrics.


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Early Bird Drop-Ins: SUSPENDED

Birdhouse logo.rightYour family’s health is our primary concern, and for that reason we are suspending our early bird drop-in appointments due to the COVID19 pandemic. This will allow us to coordinate care for sick children and continue to provide necessary wellness services including important immunizations.

Dr. Asta has offered early bird drop in appointments since 1996. They are an excellent way for parents to get things checked first thing in the morning. We hope to bring them back when it’s prudent to do so.

Please call the office for all same day sick appointments. You may also leave a voice mail and staff will call you in the morning to schedule an in-person appointment or telemedicine. We have same day sick appointment slots throughout the day.

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COVID 19 Testing at our office


COVID19 testing, when clinically appropriate, can be sent from our office. Please call to arrange this in your child’s medical home. 
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COVID19 Office Update


We would like to give an update about how our office is handling the Coronavirus- COVID19 infections in our area. Our main concern is the health and well being of our patients and their families, and we have implemented protocols to maximize safety.

Your family’s health is our primary concern, and in order to reduce the risk to our patients and their families, we have discontinued our morning early bird urgent care appointments.

We ask you NOT to bring children with cough and fever to the office without an appointment. Call for instructions.
We ask families to limit the number of caregivers bringing the child to the office.
We ask families to bring only the patient to the office, no siblings, unless there is no alternative.
We ask people over 60 to avoid the office unless there is absolutely no alternative.
We ask all families to familiarize themselves with our telemedicine platform, To enter our virtual waiting room, click the link on our web page
We strongly encourage you to consider virtual visits when appropriate.
We will be scheduling telemedicine visits throughout the day.

If your child has fever and cough and is not ill-appearing, call the office first. If you think your child needs medical attention, please call us and we will coordinate appropriate care and testing.
Remember that washing hands and avoiding sick people is very important to staying healthy. There is currently no need to wear masks unless instructed by medical professionals.
We will continue to be accessible and provide the level of care you have come to expect.
We have protocols and supplies in place to continue to see your infants, children, teens and young adults for their health care needs. We are providing well care appointments including immunizations for vaccine preventable diseases as well as evaluating injuries, splinting, sutures, allergies, and all the other illnesses.
As things change, we will update our families as quickly as possible.
We are taking all appropriate steps.  Please come see us for comprehensive care in your child’s medical home.
Thank you for trusting us with the care of your families.

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doxy me logo

We may utilize some telemedicine appointments in the near term.

We use the platform. It requires a good internet/WiFi connection.

If you’d like to down load the program now, you can sign up here.

You must call the office to schedule these appointments.

You will find our waiting room at

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