Morning Urgent Care update Summer 2021

First Aid NeonWe offer early morning appointments which include COVID19 testing with rapid and PCR tests.

Patients MUST CALL the office at 8:30 a.m. at (925)939-7334 and speak with staff.
Plan on arriving between 8:45 a.m. and 9:00 a.m.

Patients will be triaged for level of illness and seen on a first call, first seen basis.
As such, there may be a wait.

Park in the labeled parking spaces along the south side of our building and CALL the office at (925)939-7334 to let us know you have arrived.

Patients MUST bring the current insurance card for every visit. This helps us validate which lab to send tests to.

The only stable thing about the pandemic is change. We encourage you to call the office and listen to the overnight message to confirm our urgent care protocol.

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Care for Kids: Health Insurance through MediCal

First Aid BadgeWe can’t say enough good things about Children’s First Medical Group. They offer health insurance for babies, children, and teens through Anthem Blue Cross MediCal and we accept it. They contract with excellent pediatric specialists at Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland and UCSF

Medi-Cal offers free or low-cost health coverage for California residents who meet eligibility requirements.

Does your family qualify?

Find out more:

Children’s First Medical Group

Medi-Cal and Covered California Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Qualify? Medi-Cal Eligibility

Medi-Cal & Health Coverage Options

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Baby Steps: 4 Months

img_8887Time to move! Babies will reach out and grasp toys, bring their feet to their mouth for play. They’ll raise their head and chest when on their belly. They should roll from tummy to back and back to tummy by 6 months.

Great toys for play include colorful plastic keys, textured toys, cloth books, soft blocks and rings to stack, soft 12 inch balls, baby-safe mirrors, and toys that make noise like rattles and maracas.

Babies like to stand with your support. You can also put them in sitting. They will fold forward, but with time, they will tripod with hands in front for support until around six months they are solid sitters.

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COVID19 vaccines at our Office

vaccinate-58-logoEd12-15 year Pfizer COVID vaccines: please call for info to schedule at our office starting 5/17/2021.

16 years and up also welcome!

Appointment patient information JOTFORM link must be completed before appointment.

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The Big Chill

News today is that local health jurisdictions may be moving Pfizer COVID vaccines to offices. We’ll be ready with our ultracold freezer. ❄️


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Baby Steps: Language


There are two parts to language and communication:
Receptive language is the language you receive.
This is when you baby listens to what you are saying.
Expressive language is what your baby can say with words, motions, and expressions.
In the first months, your baby will coo with mostly vowel sounds, “ooh,” “aah.”
Consonants will come in later as baby starts to babble. Babies should have one word or sound by their first birthday.
Practice receiving and expressing with your baby.
When baby makes a noise, talk back to your baby. This give and take is practice for taking turns having a conversation. Use real words and sounds. Babies respond to high-pitched voices. Use sound and rhyme! Find old favorite nursery rhymes and learn (or create) some new ones.
Babies learn language by hearing it—just like you would learn a new language. Talk about what you are doing, name the things you are using. If your family speaks more than one language, talk, sing, and read in those languages.

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Mask Up to Move On

Calvin says, wear your mask!

As families venture out more and things open up, it’s important that children wear masks.

Here are some resources for introducing (or reintroducing) masks.

Face Masks for Children from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Tips for Helping Kids Wear Masks

Helping Kids Get Used to Masks

Mask Toolkit: Tips for Success

7 Tips to Help Your Child Wear a Mask

For children with special needs, in addition to the Mask Toolkit above, there are articles on masking and coping.

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General Public: Vaccination Information

vaccinate-58-logoEdThank you for your interest in Pfizer COVID19 vaccinations.

We are accepting appointments starting Monday 5/17/2021 for all approved ages. 

Please follow our vaccine availability online at

The link to patient JOTFORM registration for the COVID19 vaccine that must be completed BEFORE the appointment.

Thank you for your interest in getting vaccinated!

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COVID 19 Vaccination Game Plan: for Patients

vaccinate-58-logoEdThank you for your interest in COVID19 vaccinations.

We are accepting appointments starting Monday 5/17/2021 for all approved ages. 

Please follow our vaccine availability online at

Fill out the JOTFORM patient registration for the COVID19 vaccine BEFORE the shot appointment.

CDC information sheet for tweens and teens.

Thank you for your interest in getting vaccinated!

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Baby Steps: 2 Months Get Ready to Roll

img_8887Baby Steps: 2 Months Bound to Roll
Back to sleep is the safest position for babies, but since the change from sleeping on their tummy to their back, babies started rolling over a little later. Twenty-five years ago we expected babies to roll over by 4 months. Now with Back to Sleep (which has significantly reduced the rate of crib death), we expect babies to roll over by 6 months.

Babies who put waking time in on their tummies will push up on their hands in that classic baby “bear rug” pose. Often they will accidentally lose balance and roll from tummy to back. Once they discover this move, they’ll repeat it. Get your baby ready to roll with the best of them by letting them play on their tummy! Being on their tummy also sets them up to be in the right position for crawling. Remember: tummy to play, back to sleep.


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