Dehradun: day 4

Dehradun: day 4
Thunder, lightening and rain today. Patients had reconstruction of the axilla (armpit) to restore arm movement lost to scar tissue from a burn. Children had foot and hand releases for walking and using fingers again. 

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Dehradun: day 3

I am in Dehradun, India with ReSurge. We are working at Yogi’s Helping Hands Hospital. Dr. Yogi Aeron and his son Dr. Kush Aeron have built a permanent site for their work treating patients with burns, injuries and deformities. 

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Constipation: Go Poo


happy stomach Does you child have chronic constipation and poop accidents?

Check out this video on YouTube about the Poo in You.

There are information Sheets from Gastroenterology specialists here.

I’ve blogged on this topic before, and if you and your child are struggling, contact the office for evaluation.

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Asthma Education

spacerNeed an asthma tune up?
Get the most out of multidose inhalers. Check your technique here:

Spacer with mask link

Spacer without a mask link

Diskus link

Our office stocks nebulizers, parts, and spacers for your convenience. Read more here.


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Portable Electrolytes for Home and Away

Oral rehydration salts store well and are easy to carry for travel. Kids (and adults) get stomach viruses, and having these at hand to mix with water make giving clear fluids quick and easy. Lots of manufacturers market and sell these products, and I don’t endorse any specific brand. I recommend tucking them in the carry on when heading overseas–especially for those long flights home in case adventurous eating gets the best of you.

If you are planning an overseas adventure, give the office a call to set up a travel medicine appointment.



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Home Stretch for Cough and Cold Season


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Vacations and Zika

mosquito-clip-art-AT-1-300x215From CDC, new information here.

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Be prepared for Covered California changes in 2017

If you are insured through covered California, please take note of upcoming changes. You should have been notified by covered California via mail or email to select a primary care physician, if you have not, please call the phone number on the back of your insurance card and request Lisa Asta, MD be your child’s pediatrician. If this is not done, it is possible covered California will elect a pediatrician for you. If that happens, you can still call your insurance plan and ask them to update your child’s PCP to Dr. Asta. If any questions please feel free to call Ronda in our Billing Department. 925-939-7334.

All Covered California enrollees, including those with a PPO or EPO, will be assigned to a primary care physician. The assignment will either happen by January 1, 2017, or within 60 days of the enrolleeā€™s effective date with the plan.

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Martial Arts: Great Exercise for Kids

Channel your Kung Fu Panda, Karate Kid or Jackie Chan and keep safe.

Information on kids and Martial Arts from the AAP here.

Blue Ribbon


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Tummy Information for Dr. Mom and Dr. Dad

happy stomach From food sensitivities to constipation, the GI Kids website provides all sorts of good stuff.

Search for your topic here.

The site is the work of NASPGHAN – the North American Society for Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition.


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