Baby Steps: Day 1

img_8887Get your newborn off to the best start with tummy time, tummy time, tummy time!

Aim for 15 minutes with 4 repetitions daily.

A great way to start is to put your baby tummy to tummy with you–but make sure you’re not so drowsy that you drift off and baby slides off.

Use a blanket or towel on the floor–not the bed or couch–newborns inch and scoot–so baby doesn’t tumble off.

Get eye to eye with baby if they fuss and encourage! Mix up the blanket: different colors, different textures! You already have textiles at home so you don’t need to buy anything.

Never leave baby unattended on their tummy.

Remember: Back to Sleep and Tummy to Play.

Tummy time helps develop strong core muscles. Using back and neck muscles, baby lifts their head. Pushing up with the upper arms will eventually lead to rolling.

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COVID19 Vaccination Game Plan

The news that an immunization for COVID19 has been approved by the FDA under an Emergency Use Authorization (EAU), is encouraging!

Other vaccines will likely follow, and the American Academy of Pediatrics has urged researchers to include the pediatric population in vaccine trials.

Our office will be updating information about administering the vaccine as information becomes available.

The Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is approved for 16 years and up. This vaccine is being rolled out according to the CDC plan to prioritize distribution to high risk populations and ultimately the general population.

Right now, California pediatricians are waiting to learn how and when this vaccination will be provided to teens who are eligible for the Pfizer vaccine or any of the other vaccine candidates.

Our office is a Vaccines For Children provider. The H1N1 vaccine was distributed through VFC in 2009, and we are ready for another successful collaboration if that is one chosen distribution route.

Our office is fully integrated with national, state, and local government and health communities for information about providing the vaccine.

Until we have more information, we are focusing on our clinical care responsibilities, and are unable to offer a waiting list.

When the vaccine(s) is/are available, we will provide the information about the vaccine(s) and scheduling on our website (

You may also follow our social medial accounts for updates.

These include:


twitter @cvpediatrics


Google Business

Thank you for your support and understanding, and thank you for being pro-science and pro-vaccine!

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Open through December Stay at Home Order 2020

We are open for all your sick and well care needs in-office, in our satellite area outside, and via telemedicine.

COVID19 testing available with rapid antigen in-office and send-out lab PCR tests.

We have access to full PPE and a rigorous cleaning protocol for office visits and those done at your vehicle.

The American Academy of Pediatrics supports continued well care during the pandemic. Read their position statement…/guidance-on-providing…/

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Flumist? What’s that?

Flumist is a live, inactivated attenuated flu vaccine.

There’s no needle!

It’s sprayed in the nose.

You can read about this option for vaccination against influenza here.

See how the small amount of liquid vaccine is sprayed in the nose here.

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99072 is for PPE

We’d like to provide families with information about the personal protective equipment (PPE) billing code, 99072.

This code was developed by the Centers for Medical and Medicaid Services specifically for the pandemic. The code addresses the increased PPE required to provide medical care during the COVID19 pandemic. This includes gloves, gowns, N 95masks, face shields, cleaning and disinfectant materials, as well as the MERV13 filters for our air conditioning and heating units.

We follow all health and safety procedures regarding PPE with patients. The staff and physicians wear PPE, and we have increased cleaning and disinfecting to keep families and ourselves safe.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and other medical societies, advocating on behalf of patients and families believe the cost should be borne by the insurance companies alone. We have seen some insurances chose to process this toward the family’s deductible. That is not our intention or the intention of the medical community. We encourage you to share this information with your insurer and human resources provider.

We will continue to advocate with the AAP and the California Medical Association for safe and fair treatment for all during the pandemic.

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Now is a good time to make sure you have a basic thermometer that you know how to use. Read more from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Everyone has a temperature. Not everyone has a fever.

Taking your child’s temperature helps you and the pediatrician make decisions about your child’s condition and recommended treatment.

A rectal temperature is recommended for children under 2 months of age.

There are many inexpensive digital thermometers to chose from. These are sold as oral and rectal.

Ear, forehead (temporal artery and infrared) thermometers are more appropriate for children over one year of age. Doctors don’t recommend temperature strips or pacifier thermometers.

For tips on taking your baby or toddler’s temperature, see my Baby Center video here.

For tips on taking your older child’s temperature, see my Baby Center Video here.

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Teen Wellness Screening

The American Academy of Pediatrics, the National Committee for Quality Assurance, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention set the standards for wellness screening. These organizations and your health insurance plan recommend testing teen women and young adults for genital Chlamydia infection.

This screening is also required when oral contraceptives are prescribed even though the prescriptions may be for medical reasons such as acne and managing menstrual problems like heavy or frequent bleeding.

Chlamydia infection is a significant and serious health problem. The vast majority of infections are asymptomatic, unrecognized, and therefore untreated. Chlamydia is the leading cause of pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy, and the leading cause of preventable infertility. Adolescent females have the highest risk of infection. It is estimated that 5-10% are currently infected. Males may similarly report no symptoms.

Questioning and interviewing are the least reliable screening format to identify young people at risk for this disease. The most reliable screening is to test, at a minimum, all adolescent girls of high school and college age. Testing is performed on a routine urine specimen. Teenagers should be able to receive the results confidentially. For patients over 18 years of age, all medical results are confidential. Treatment recommendations will be provided, if necessary, and counseling to identify partners will be offered. Results can be provided by telephone, by mail or secure on-line communication.

This testing is part of well care, and your insurance should process it toward well care. While we submit this test to the lab as well care, the lab may not always process the code correctly. We have brought this to their attention countless times. If you receive a bill for this test, please contact the lab and ask them to process the test the way it was coded from our office. Please contact our office if there are additional issues.

Read more about Chlamydia here

Once teens reach 18 years of age, baseline testing for HIV, Hepatitis C, and Syphilis are recommended. Rates of sexually transmitted infections were rising nationally before the COVID19 pandemic began, and this testing is another part of wellness. Read more here

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15 Minute SARS-CoV-2 Nasal Screening Now Available

We now offer the BD Veritor antigen screening for COVID19. This test uses a nasal swab 1″ into the nose. Results are available in 15 minutes. Testing requires a telemedicine evaluation with the swab done at our outdoor satellite location. Please call the office to schedule.

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Forbidden Binkies?

The Baby Friendly Initiative, meant to foster successful breastfeeding, has had some unintended consequences. Pacifiers are forbidden. Sending the baby to the nursery so the parent can sleep is also out. While promoting breastfeeding is a worthy endeavor, mothers and families are contending with more than ever right now. While we wish successful breastfeeding for all, families may have different goals.

Your baby may enjoy keeping busy with a pacifier when they aren’t hungry. It allows the baby to learn the gentle act of self-comforting while parents attend to the million other things. And the binky gives mom’s nipples a break.

Not all of us have the perfect breastfeeding experience we anticipated, and when my daughter asked me how long I’d breast fed her, the answer was six months. I went back to work when she was six weeks old, she refused to get on the breast by 3 months, and when my mother died when she was six months old, the winter infection season was over, and I was done pumping. I am pro-breastfeeding, pro-mom, pro-family. You know your baby, yourself, and your family best.

There’s more about families and Baby Friendly at

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Flu Excellence Award

California’s Vaccines for Children program awarded us their Flu Excellence Award for protecting babies, kids, and young adults from influenza.

Schedule your flu shot now!

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