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Game on!

Committed athlete or contemplating jumping in? The pre-participation physical and well check gets it done. 🏀⚽️🥎⚾️🎾🏐🏉🥅🏒🥋🥍 More info and links from the American Academy of Pediatrics here.

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Honoring the Game is part of the Positive Coaching Alliance’s mission to develop better athletes and better people. There’s information about the coach-parent partnership here. How parents can contribute to a positive game experience is here. Read about their work at … Continue reading

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From my reading list

These recent op-ed articles about youth sports and career planning are thought-provoking.   Sports Should Be Child’s Play Is Your Student Prepared for Life This final piece compiled from back issues of Bananas, describes their RELAX campaign. Relax Let’s keep the child … Continue reading

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Heat Illness and the Heat Index

Kids don’t adapt to extreme temperatures as well as adults. They generate more metabolic heat per mass when active, have a reduced capacity to sweat, and their high surface area to body mass ratio means they absorb more heat from the environment. When … Continue reading

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Overuse Sports Injury Prevention

Preventing overuse sports injuries is easier than treating them—or sitting on the bench. The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons says the key is to avoid overdoing any single sport while giving growing bodies enough rest between practices and games. Some tips … Continue reading

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Selecting the right running shoe is here. Read about overuse and burnout here. Information about heat stress and exercise is here. Warm up information is here.

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Check Up Time!

The medical physical season is in full swing and will continue through the summer. Call now and schedule an appointment time for the best selection of dates and times. Your child’s annual physical allows us to provide telephone advice, refill … Continue reading

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