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Picking the Best Shoes for Babies and Children

  Once upon a time, grown-ups believed that shoes affected the way a child’s foot grew. Children wore stiff shoes, and various wedges and cups and what-not were recommended to “provide support” and “develop the arch.” The children were very … Continue reading

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What’s in Cough and Cold Medicines for Children?

Whenever I’m in the over-the-counter (OTC) medication aisle, I see parents confused about what’s best to buy. I sympathize, because I remember reading the same labels before medical school and wondering what might work and what won’t. Many products combine … Continue reading

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Lead Again

The recent recall of licorice candy (here) for unsafe levels of lead is a good time to review this health hazard. Unfortunately, recalls of lead-tainted items too numerous to count. Many parents will remember the large 2010 recall of imported … Continue reading

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Cough Medicines and Kids

Cough suffers from a bad reputation. Far from being a nuisance, cough keeps nasal mucus from dripping down into the lungs and clears infected mucus from the lungs. If children didn’t cough when they were sick, every little sniffle could turn … Continue reading

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Back to School Lunches: Not the Same Old Brown Bag

The nutritionists at Children’s Hospital Oakland put together this great mix and match lunch chart.   

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