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RadioMD: Babies

RadioMD, in partnership with the American Academy of Pediatrics, offers programs for families with children of all ages. Recent interviews with me include: A New Parent’s Guide to Heading Out with Baby is here. Babies’ Skin Care Basics is here.

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Skin Irritation and Rashes from Moist Wipes

Do you use commercial wipes for your child’s face and hands? Do you use moist toilet paper or have special wipes on hand in the bathroom? New solutions sometimes bring new problems. The ingredients in some wet wipes and moist … Continue reading

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Cure for Eczema?

The simple truth, sadly, is no. There is currently no cure for eczema. Here’s why. Researchers have found that dry, irritated skin can be traced to a defective gene. The filaggrin gene codes for a protein that’s responsible for organizing … Continue reading

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Spring Skin

The school year is more than half over and spring promises the prom. Now is the time to get ahead of acne. Any changes in your acne regimen, prescription or nonprescription, takes at least 6 weeks to take effect. Start … Continue reading

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