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Teething Gives Babies Teeth

New research confirms that symptoms like fever, a runny nose and diarrhea are not caused by teething. Teething can make babies cranky, rub their gums and drool. Think about when you lost teeth in grade school–did you have a fever … Continue reading

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Teething Necklaces

Necklaces made from amber beads are the latest trend. They allegedly reduce teething pain, although there isn’t any science to back up the claims. What pediatricians do know is that the necklaces pose a risk for choking and strangulation. Do … Continue reading

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The New Technology: Mesh Feeders

Mesh feeders are a relatively new piece of baby paraphernalia. Most babies are ready to feed themselves small, soft finger foods that melt in the mouth around 7 to 9 months of age. Finger-feeding is a developmental step that depends … Continue reading

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First Tooth

Nothing seems so shrouded in mystery and anticipation as baby’s first tooth. The average age for the first tooth to poke through the gums is 6 months: some babies do this as early as 4 months, others well after their … Continue reading

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