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Parents and Legalized Marijuana

Resources for parents for California’s era of legalized marijuana. The American Academy of Pediatrics believes youth shouldn’t use marijuana. The reason behind that decision is here. The effects of marijuana on the developing brain are reviewed here. Edible marijuana products … Continue reading

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All busy, all the time! It’s all about positive reinforcement and limit setting. Here are the handouts I share most often with parents: Bananas_Living_with_1_and_2_Year_Olds ToddlerDiscipline.MDConsult 1 2 3 Magic by Dr. Phelan is the bible for 2 years and up. … Continue reading

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Stranger Things 3?

Nosebleeds are common, and generally not a sign of telekinesis. They happen more often with colds and allergies and when we put the heat on and dry out the air. Read more about preventing and treating here.

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