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Buckle Your Baby Better than the Royals

Britain’s new heir is cute, but he wasn’t strapped into his car seat properly for the ride home in this photo. Buckle your prince or princess up right! The link to 2013 car seat recommendations for babies and children from … Continue reading

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Sleep Better: Teen Sleep Study at UC Berkeley

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In California, you must be of legal age to get a tattoo. If you are thinking about getting one or if you have one you wish you didn’t, here’s my article onĀ tattoo removal. While the medical information is accurate, the … Continue reading

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Sports Medicine Warm Ups

Children’s Hospital Oakland’s Center for Young Athletes in Walnut Creek has good resources for active children. Here are links to some of their handouts. There’s more information on their website; just click the link at the bottom under ‘More Resources.’ … Continue reading

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Poison Oak

This is poison oak. It’s much easier to identify when it has its leaves, but the plant oils from the bare branches can also inflict an itchy misery on its victims. The best treatment is prevention: know what it looks … Continue reading

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Ear Piercing at the Doctor’s Office

Ear piercing is a tradition for many families. Some families have baby’s ears pierced; others wait until the child expresses a preference and is old enough to take care of pierced ears themselves. We pierce ears in our office using … Continue reading

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Vaccine Policy

Parents looking for a pediatrician often ask about our office’s vaccination policy. As a pediatrician, to answer this, I need to know the questions and concerns parents have about immunizing their child against vaccine-preventable diseases. ThisĀ discussion often leads to a … Continue reading

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